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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy describes Altra Lawncare & Landscaping Services, Inc.’s / Altra, Inc.’s (“Altra”, “we” or “us”) practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the information we collect from and about you when you use Altra’s website.

By accessing or using our website or learning management system, you agree that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and that you accept and consent to the privacy practices and uses or disclosures of information about you that are described herein.



Information We Collect


If we choose to utilize a Contact Us form, we have the ability to collect a Name and e-mail address, inasmuch as they are provided by the User.  Other pertinent personal information may be left in the Message/Notes field as the User feels comfortable.  This information will only be used in the process of contact you in regards to a service you may be requesting from us, or a question/concern you may have about our services.  We may continue using your contact information in the course of any working relationship that develops from that initial or future request for information.  Please do not provide information you are not comfortable with sharing.  


We will not sell your information.


At this point in time, we do not currently collect payment information via our website, but should we choose to add that service in the future, it will be via a third-party service who will have their own Privacy Policy.  We will amend this page when/if appropriate to provide that information.

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